OTL301 – Post 2

For this post we have been asked the following questions.

  1. How has your view of the effective practice changed now that you have read more about teaching presence?
  2. In what ways did the effective practice that you identified show the characteristics of teaching presence?
  3. How could the idea of teaching presence have made the experience even more effective than it was?

I can’t say that my views on effective teaching practices have changed over the last several years. As highlighted in my first post, communications with students (teaching presence) engages students and increases their enjoyment and success in a course. In my example the communication I had with a few students was apparently sufficient to engage them and have them feel comfortable with me. I can improve upon this by forming such relationships with each student in each of the courses that I teach. The difficulty reaching this goal is that each student has a different threshold and type of teaching presence that can be used to effectively engage them in the course.


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