OTL201 – Post 2

In this post we are to address the following:

  • describe the ways in which your introductory post should have enhanced social presence in a course that you teach,
  • identify at least one improvement that you might make in light of what you know about social presence since completing your first post, and
  • describe how your thinking about social presence has changed since your first post.

With regards to the first activity, I sense that any personal information that is shared with others enables connections to be built between people. The connections that develop become the basis for the social presence that form between the student and teacher. I also sense that the social presence forms best when the personal information shared is important and heartfelt.

I believe that the student’s sense of social presence is best developed when the teacher intersperses “nuggets” of detail from the student’s background in any communication and feedback with the student. Doing so gives the student a sense that you personally know and respect them as an individual. Thus, an improvement I can make is to pay more attention to each student bio and other communications and use the information they provide to a greater extent in future communications with them.

I don’t believe that my views on the importance of social presence have changed much. However, I’m in a better position to develop better connections with each of my students as I no longer teach multiple courses with sections of up to 80 students.


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