OTL101 Post 4

OTL101 – Post 4

For this post I was asked to comment on two aspects, following below, on giving students feedback.

  1. Are there any gaps between your practice of offering feedback to students and what Hattie recommends?

I have used all the forms of feedback over the entirety of the students in all the courses I’ve instructed. There are gaps, however, in the types of feedback I typically utilize in specific courses. For instance, in BIOL 3431, TRU’s online Plants and People course, I don’t give any feedback on the first online quiz. With regard to the following assignments I correct the students on their submitted short answer questions and edit and make suggestions for how to improve their submitted essays (from spelling, grammar, structure, sources used to logic, etc.). I then give the students the opportunity to resubmit their essays for an improved grade. I give suggestions for the student’s final project when they submit their proposal for the project.


  1. In what ways can you improve the effectiveness of the feedback that you provide for your students?

Except for feedback made on written assignments or presentations, I tend to wait for students to initiate conversations where I could give general feedback. I could, instead, be the one to initiate giving feedback in situations not related to returned assignments. I sense that adding this form of feedback would improve the student outcomes and completion rates of online courses where it’s easy for them to “disappear”.

With regard to the feedback I do give, I could be clearer and more specific in my written comments. As well, up to now I haven’t taken cultural and personal dispositions of the receivers in my feedback. I could do better in the regard.


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